Key activities:

1. Education in the field of human rights;
2. Monitoring of human rights;
3. Rendering gratuitous legal aid;
4. Advocacy;
5. CSOs organization development.


✔ The project “Self-governing for people. Strengthening the potential of the local self-governing and administration in the field of cooperation with civil society” with the financial support of SlovakAid and Human Rights House Foundation (Oslo, Norway).
✔ The project “Establishment and institutional development of a network of civil organizations hubs” that was realized with the support of UNDP in Ukraine and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
✔ The project “Implementing citizens’ participation in decision-making at local level” that was realized in the framework of the programme “Promotion of civic activity” “Join us!” that is financed by the USA Agency for International Development (USAID) and is implemented in Ukraine by Pact.
✔ The project “Legal system development and resocialization of children in a trouble with the law in Ukraine”, that is realized together with Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw) with the support of the programme RITA and Human Rights House Foundation (Oslo).
✔ The project “Children’s rights protection in the Chernihiv Region” with the support of Democracy Grants by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.
✔ Docudays UA-2018. XVI International Travelling Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. It is held with the support of Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, NGO “Pivden”, Kherson Regional Mercy and Health Foundation, NGO “Modern Information Technologies and Visual Arts Centre”.
✔ The project “Community where the voice of youth is heard” with the support of UNDP in Ukraine and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
✔ The project “Development of the potential for rendering quality services” supported by ІСАР “Ednannia”.

Actions and achievements:

✔ The organization has conducted 18 training for various target groups within the framework of the different projects over the year. 445 participants have been involved.
✔ 37 coaches for adult learning in various spheres have been prepared. There are 15 coaches in strategic planning, communication strategy working out and project elaboration based on a logical framework matrix and 22 coaches in teaching cooperation between the local authorities and a community, participation in decision making and local democracy among them. The coaches prepared conducted 44 trainings for civil activists and local authorities all over Ukraine that involved over 800 participants.
✔ More than 500 children and young people have been involved in educational activities.
✔ Over the year, the counseling office of the NGO “MART” has been rendering gratuitous legal aid to citizens paying attention to the vulnerable groups of the population. The counseling office has given 835 legal consultations to citizens for a year (of these 652 personal ones and 183 on-sites).
✔ 10 communities (5 in the Chernihiv Region and 5 in the communities of Chernivtsi, Kyiv, Donetsk and Rivne Regions) have been involved in research work and regulatory system analysis over the year. According to the monitoring results, the recommendations for the local authorities have been prepared and also the legislative instruments have been elaborated that guarantee the youth and citizens the realization of their right to participate in decision making and presence of representative youth bodies in a community. This September the organization started monitoring children’s rights in the Chernihiv Region that is aimed to investigate the local policy in the field of children’s rights against international standards and work out recommendations concerning its improvement to get an ability to implement the recommendations of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.
✔ The organization has achieved considerable success in the sphere of advocacy in the context of the projects being implemented during 2018. 7 successful advocacy campaigns have been conducted for a year. They were aimed to elaboration and implementation of statutory acts based on international and national human rights standards, regulating the community life and guaranteeing the realization of rights in the local legislative system of communities. The statutory acts were focused on using the local democracy tools, namely the participation of various target groups, especially the youth, in decision making process. The local statutory acts also covered the practical implementation of the principles of the approach based on the human rights that concern the local authorities’ activity, such as participation, inclusion, transparence, democratic governance, responsibility and accountability. All advocacy campaigns were accompanied by informational and educational activities in the communities, encouragement of the communities, involvement the communities’ inhabitants in analyzing the local situations, educational activities concerning the necessity to be active and responsible for the community life and use the local democracy principles and tools and human rights standards at the local level. So, the organization influences the system and structural changes by means of promotion of the human rights and democracy standards and their statutory fixation at the local level.
✔ Mentor support and consulting and legal assistance have been rendered to 11 NGOs of the region over the year. The most successful work was with the organization “Yedyna Rodyna” (‘United Family’) that was founder with the support of the NGO “MART”. Mentor support and legal assistance have been rendered to the organization of bereaved families “Yedyna Rodyna” concerning establishing the Community Union “Yedyna Rodyna of Ukraine”. On November 23, mentors of the organization helped to conduct the first Overview meeting of the Union in Ivano-Frankivsk.