Key activities:

1. Civic initiatives support. Informational, methodical, organizational and resource support, organizing interaction and informational accompaniment.
2. Uniting CSOs efforts and improving the efficiency of their interaction with the authorities.
3. Integrated development of local territorial communitiesю Realization of development programmes in the pilot local communities, demonstration of quality changes and organizing work in practical experience transfer.


✔ “Join actively the positive changes in the country” (PACT)
✔ “Strengthening civil organizations potential in Central and Eastern Ukraine” (NED)
✔ “Organization of civic activities events in the framework of the project “uCRAZYans” (PACT)
✔ “General purposes” (C.S. Mott Foundation)


✔ 7th and 8th Schools for Positive Changes that included a series of trainings and educational events directed to improvement of NGOs and other civil groups’ capacity.
✔ Project Management School – extensive training and preparation of future project in a series of four days’ training sessions.
✔ Positive Changes Clubs – communication events for CSOs
✔ Strategic session in working out the mechanisms for implementation of a possibility for citizens to finance NGOs activity in Ukraine. This means working out proposals to the draft law “On civil profit and volunteer activity”.
✔ Engaging students in a civil sector and Students Forum “Building our future ourselves”. Elaboration of a study guide “On Civil Education” for students, conducting integrated learning: a series of trainings ranging from a definition and characteristics of a civil sector to human rights and social projects writing, lectures, games and workshop sessions in social animation, establishing interaction between students of different higher educational institutions.
✔ Social Innovations Festival «uCRAZYans» - the great informational and entertaining event of the city of Dnipro that got acquainted the citizens and the guests of the city with the civil sector of the Dnipropetrovskyi Region.

Main achievements:

✔ 56 civil organizations completed integrated training that will help them to improve the quality of writing and making projects.
✔ Communication events (Positive Changes Club) have been conducted that helped to establish the informal communication network of interaction.
✔ 75 civil organizations have been involved in working out the state mechanisms of a civil sector funding and creating conditions for its development. The proposals to the draft law “On civil profit and volunteer activity” have been worked out. The search for a political provider has been started.
✔ Over 200 students from 4 higher educational institutions of Dnipro completed training. The result of the project is establishing of interaction between a civil sector and students in the projects. For instance, 30 students worked as volunteers and coordinators during the Festival “uCRAZYans”.
✔ The Festival “uCRAZYans” became the great public event of the city that allowed to popularize the civil sector in the Dnipropetrovsk Region and engaged people in its work. There were made more than 50 publications, newsreels on the local TV channels, posts in social networks about the Festival (totally 150,000contacts were covered). The target groups representatives and lots of other people joined the civil organizations.