Birth of the Network

The partnership between regional hubs had been growing for years. We were already acquainted with each other and had occasionally joined our efforts to realize ideas. In 2018, this cooperation was formalized and systematized by becoming the Network of Hubs. The signature of the Memorandum on the establishment of the Network in Lviv in December 2017 marked the starting point of the process.

Our working meetings

Our regular working meetings have been the main instrument of coordination of Network members’ activities. During these meetings, we not only examined the results of our joint work and planned future actions, but also discovered new areas of Ukraine and got acquainted with the cultural and economic potential of the regions.

In 2018, 6 regional hubs hosted the Network’s workshops, namely in Zakarpattia (Charitable Foundation “Centre for Civil Initiatives”), in Kropyvnytskyi (NGO “Terytoria Uspikhu”), in Dnipro (CO “Center for Civic and Cultural Initiatives Support “Tamarisk”), in the Kherson Region (CO “Community Foundation of Kherson “Zakhyst”), in Rivne (Rivne Region Public Organization “Committee of Voters of Ukraine”) and in Kyiv (NGO “Civil Holding “GROUP OF INFLUENCE”).

Playing by the rules

One of the priorities set by the Network is to establish democratic and comprehensible rules for all its members.

Numerous policies and procedures ranging from the Network statute to its fundraising strategy have become a solid basis of our joint work, ensuring its consistency and coherence.

All documents have been developed transparently, with the participation of all hubs and compulsory public discussion. They are available here:


Network’s projects

Various organizations of the Network have demonstrated a vivid readiness and ability to share with each other, as shown in the implementation of joint initiatives and the realization of several major common projects.

The project is supported by UNDP in Ukraine and aims to establish and develop the Network institutionally. It allowed us to become a reference at the regional and national level, and to increase our impact on the processes connected with civil society development and democratization.

Over 100 non-governmental organizations and initiatives informed and involved in their activity more than 10,000 Ukrainian citizens during the Ucrazyans festivals that were organized by the Network representatives in 4 cities of Ukraine.

The Network also conducted a wide information campaign and provided support to the community to vote for their preferred initiatives in the context of the fourth “Open Government Partnership Initiative” action plan in Ukraine for 2018-2020, that had been confirmed by the Government at the end of 2018.

The Network of Civic Society Hubs was acknowledged as an official partner in the project “I Have a Right!” implemented by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. As partners within the framework of the project, the hubs conducted 19 regional activities in legal awareness for 389 citizens where, in cooperation with the regional representatives of the Ministry of Justice, they informed citizens of the respective cities about their rights and legal mechanisms of protection.

Studying and exchanging experience

2018 was rich in educational events organized in different regions for the activists of regional hubs. Study visits, practical trainings and thematic training sessions helped the Network strengthen the expert potential of the team.

Among the activities:

• Practical training “From a Civil Initiative to Real Changes in a Community” in Kherson (March, organized by CO “Community Foundation of Kherson “Zakhyst”);
• Training session “Human Rights Based Approach” in Chernihiv (May, NGO “MART”);
• Training session “ToP Facilitation for Community Development: Methods and Tools” in Lviv (June, NGO Centre “Women’s Perspectives”);
• Training session “Effective Communication for Civil Organizations” in Sviatohirsk (June, NGO “Access Point”);
• Training session for communication experts of the Network on public speeches and copywriting skills, in Chernihiv (August, NGO “MART”).

Assisting and joining our efforts

The Network has always been focused on providing assistance to civil society organizations in their institutional development and supporting partnership building between them.

Our jointly elaborated products consist of a regional non-governmental organizations database, a catalogue of services that are provided by experts of the Network and numerous educational materials aimed to strengthen the potential of civil society organizations.

The members of the Network mapped active civil organizations in their regions. As a result, over 300 working regional organizations were included into the non-governmental organizations database.

Civil society hubs conducted over 30 organization development activities for 467 representatives of local NGOs and community activists covering various issues, namely project proposals elaboration and project management, effective communication with citizens and communities, and efficient tools for involving citizens in policy making. They held over 150 individual consultations on organization development, legal and financial aspects of CSO management, fundraising and strategy elaboration.

The Network civil society organizations involved citizens and local authorities in local initiatives. In 2018, 5 forums encouraging citizens and community development were organized and coordinated by the hubs in 7 regions. 816 community activists and representatives of local authorities participated in those activities.

The representative of Perechyn hub of the Charitable Foundation “Centre for civil initiatives” got an award as the Marketplace platform best coach during the 7th Civil Society Capacity Development Forum Dream 3.0. Projected impact.


Progress of the year

The results of the work of the Network in 2018 were presented at the concluding press-conference conducted in Kyiv in December.

The representatives of the hubs shared their experience with journalists and wide public, presented their activity cases and explained how average Ukrainians benefit from the work of the Network.