Key activities:

1. Carrying out educational and informational campaigns
2. Rendering practical assistance to victims of human rights violation (legal services, psychological aid, consulting)
3. Preparation of analytical reports and recommendations for the authorities
4. Elaboration of regulatory acts for the local authorities
5. Rendering mentor assistance to civil society institutions’ activity
6. networking
7. monitoring observance of human rights
8. participation in the work of the national preventive mechanism
9. advocacy.


✔ “Do not do for us without us” (USAID)
✔ “Prophylaxis and prevention of gender-based violence” (Democracy Grants by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine)
✔ “Strengthening self-dependence of internally displaced persons and communities that have suffered from the conflict in Ukraine” (IOM Ukraine )
✔ Docudays UA International Travelling Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

Analytical reports:

✔ Budget process accountability assessment in Novoukrayinsk UTC
✔ Budget process accountability assessment in Kropyvnytskyi


✔ The series of trainings and workshops for civil society institutions and civil activists concerning organization development has been conducted
✔ The series of trainings and workshops for IDPs and other vulnerable categories of the population concerning stating one’s own business and self-employment development has been conducted
✔ Participation in the elaboration of the city of Kropyvnytskyi Statute
✔ The advocacy campaign for adopting the anti-corruption programme and tools by the Novoukrayinsk UTC has been conducted
✔ The presentation of the correction programme “Stop violence” has been held
✔ The action “16 days against gender-based violence” has been carried out
✔ The presentation of the budget process accountability assessment in Novoukrayinsk UTC and in Kropyvnytskyi has been held
✔ 6 trips have been made to the penal institutions together with the regional public affair coordinator of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the VRU (the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine) in the Kirovohradskyi Region
✔ The series of trainings for domestic violence prevention has been carried out
✔ Documentaries on human rights have been demonstrated in penitentiary facilities of the Kirovohradskyi Region and the UTC of the region
✔ The series of trainings “Involving citizens in making socially important decisions” has been carried out
✔ Some joint actions have been conducted together with Main Territorial Justice Administration of the Kirovohradskyi Region

Main achievements:

✔ Due to our work and fruitful cooperation with our partners, since the beginning of the year, Novoukrayinsk UTC has adopted the Anti-Corruption Programme and the solution concerning prevention and regulation of the conflict of interest.
✔ The city of Kropyvnytskyi Territorial Community Statute has been elaborated
✔ Mentor assistance has been rendered to 6 NGOs and initiative groups of the region that have been realizing programmes and campaigns in their communities and that got support for their projects implementation from international donors.
✔ The cooperation with the Main Territorial Justice Administration of the Kirovohradskyi Region and the National Police has been built.
✔ The cooperation with the new partners – civil society institutions – has been built.