Key activities:

1. Establishing a dialogue and interaction between the local authorities and community;
2. Supporting implementation of civil initiatives at the local level;
3. Assisting civil society development in the region due to strengthening capacity of local non-governmental associations;
4. Encouragement and consolidation of the community through engaging people in charitable activity.


✔ The project “Establishment and institutional development of a network of civil organizations hubs” (within the framework of the UNDP project “Civil Society for Enhanced Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine” that is realized with financial support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark);
✔ The project “Public Dialogues is a way to successful self-governance” (in the framework of the programme “Promotion of civic activity” “Join us!” that is financed by the USA Agency for International Development (USAID) and is implemented in Ukraine by PACT.
✔ The humanitarian project “A Drop of Blood Can Save Lives!”;
✔ The children’s Christmas camp “Music Camp Kherson”.

Analytical reports:

✔ Research “Civil societies organizations of the city of Kherson”;
Study guide «Participative approach and practices at the community level»;
Educational animated video clip «Participation. The story of a democracy»;
Online study guide “Secrets of Charity Cuisine”;
Online map of the civil societies organizations of Kherson.


✔ The forum “Authorities and community: legal ways of mutual interaction”;
✔ The grant contest to get finance for implementation of civil mini-initiatives;
✔ Participation party (public discussion of the questions related to implementation of participative approaches in the community of Kherson);
✔ The series of educational events (trainings, webinars) devoted to participation, building up interaction between the authorities and community;
✔ Charitable actions to meet the social and cultural needs of members of the community, namely activities aimed to purchase an infusion pump to treat children with cancer who are the patients of Kherson Regional Children’s Clinic Hospital, earphones for children with hearing disorders and modern blood donor chair for the Regional Blood Service Centre and also to build a wheelchair ramp at the Mykola Kulish Kherson Regional Academic Music and Drama Theatre.

Main achievements:

✔ Due to the participation in the Network of Hubs, the Foundation “Zakhyst” has increased its own organizational capacity as a regional leader of civil society, improved a dialogue and interaction with partners form other regions of the country;
✔ The Public Budget has been established in Kherson in close cooperation with partner organizations (the city had been the only one regional centre where participatory budgeting had not functioned);
✔ According to the results of the first forum “Authorities and community: legal ways of mutual interaction” conducted in Kherson, the set of recommendations to the local authorities concerning active engaging the community in the process of governing has been elaborated in coalition with the representatives of the local non-governmental organizations. A considerable part of these recommendations has already been realized.
✔ According to the results of the research “Civil societies organizations of the city of Kherson”, main problems in the relevant sphere have been determined, the prospective ways of development of the local civil groups and improvement of their interaction and cooperation with the local authorities have been outlined;
✔ due to the Foundation support, 5 actual and socially useful civil initiatives have been realized in Kherson including the implementation of the mechanism of electronic petitions, revival of the park, development of youth participation, conducting informational and educational campaign concerning citizen participation and youth encouragement;
✔ the philanthropy level in the community has been increased, its members have been united in successful realization of some charity initiatives.