Key activities:

1. Promotion of gender equality in all spheres of social life and support for women leadership
2. Countering violence against women and domestic violence
3. Countering human trafficking
4. Rendering assistance in employment and entrepreneurship to people that have found themselves in difficult life circumstances
5. Support and encouragement of civil society organizations


✔ “Establishment and institutional development of a network of civil organizations hubs” (UNDP in Ukraine)
✔ “Gender programming as a tool to achieve equality and observance of women’s rights in Ukraine”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway
✔ “Implementation of the National mechanisms of interaction between subjects that work in the field of countering human trafficking, including children in the Lviv Region”, IOM
✔ “Regional initiatives to increase women’s representation in courts and judicial authorities”, USAID
✔ “Ukrainian Regional Platform of Civic Initiatives ”, EU
✔ Presentation and discussion of the Ukraine’s action plan for 2018-2020 in relation to the initiative “Open Government Partnership” (UNDP)
✔ “Assistance to variety and activation of the feministic movement in Ukraine”, FOSI
✔ “Increasing involvement of women in the local economic development is a guarantee of the city successful development”, AUC (Association of Ukrainian Cities)


✔ Round-table discussions and training sessions in elaboration of regional and local programme documents directed to execution of the National Action Plan concerning Resolution 1325 of the UN Security Council “Women, Peace, Safety”, Closing Remarks of the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Social programme on providing Equal Rights and Opportunities for women and men up to 2021 have been conducted in 7 target regions (Lviv, Chernivtsi, Uzhhorod, Vinnytsia, Chernihiv, Dnipro, Rivne). Consulting support has also been rendered.
✔ Legal services for women – 293 personal consultations, 331 consultations on phone, including 557 consultations regarding domestic violence and the related issues. Psychological services for women – 205 personal consultations and psychotherapeutic sessions.
✔ The cases of 28 women that became victims of domestic violence have been supported in courts.
✔ 47 training sessions for law-enforcement authorities and other services have been conducted concerning provision the rights of people who have suffered from domestic violence and implementation of the new legislation regarding domestic violence.
✔ Moderation of teleconferences of authorized authorities and services “How to react effectively to domestic violence cases” that took place on May 21, 2018 and on May 24, 2018.
✔ 17 trainings in prevention gender violence (domestic violence, sexual abuse), children’s rights protection and prevention violence among the youth, prevention violence among girls. 261 youngsters participated.
✔ 3 modules of trainings have been conducted for women judges and lawyers to improve professional and personal efficiency and leadership.
✔ FemenCamp was organized and held for girls students in cooperation with the NGO “Vis” on July 17-23, 2018 in Bush of the Vinnytsia Region. There were 32 participants from 13 regions of Ukraine.
✔ 2nd Feministic Intensive was organized and conducted on October 24-26, 2018 in the town of Slavske of the Lviv Region. (45 participants)
✔ 2 trainings “Women who influence” for girls and young women in leadership and tools of impact to participate in decision making processes in communities. (35 participants)
✔ 6 trainings in institutional development of CSOs for representatives of the civil society organizations of the Lviv Region using the approach based on human rights in project activity. (88 participants)
✔ The series of 2 trainings in fundamentals of entrepreneurship for teachers of secondary schools and lyceums of Lviv. (40 participants)
✔ The events within the context of the international campaign “16 days against gender-based violence”.
✔ Activities directed to stimulate the voting for the new Action Plan for 2018-2010 of the “Open Government Partnership” initiative and examination of the results of its implementation in the Lviv, Ternopil and other regions where the partners of the project act.

Main achievements:

✔ 10 projects directed to cover and overcome problems of vulnerable groups of women of CSOs and initiative groups from various regions of Ukraine have been supported financially.
✔ As a result of the realization of the project in Vinnytsia Region, the projects of the local programmes promoting gender equality have been elaborated in two districts. The members of the round-table discussion held in Chirnivtsi made the conclusion that the regional programme in gender equality was necessary and was to be worked out despite the fact that the last programme of this kind had been completed in 2015 and there had not been initiatives to adopt a new programme. The members of the round-table discussion held in Uzhhorod decided to restore the position of gender adviser of the Head of the Regional State Administration who is to be responsible for forming necessary political documents concerning gender equality in Zakarpattia Region.
✔ As a result of holding the Feministic Intensive, the strategies of joint advocacy activities have been elaborated, the activists network to continue the work on implementation of the strategies has been created. The participants planned joint actions concerning gender violence prevention during the campaign “16 days against gender-based violence”, especially those focused on sexual abuse and recent changes in the Criminal Code of Ukraine regarding rape and sexual abuse.