Key activities:

1. analysis;
2. advocacy;
3. consulting.


✔ Medical purchases at the local level – control and reaction
✔ Formation of the accountability and data processing models in the field of narcotic analgesics rotation
✔ State funding of the non-governmental analytical centres
✔ Investigation of energy service purchases
✔ Regional monitoring and analysis for 100% of Life
✔ “Monitoring and public dialogue with the local authorities concerning the medical reform implementation in the Poltava and Sumy Regions”
✔ Monitoring of efficiency of using budget funds in the city of Poltava
✔ Budget advocacy school

Main achievements:

✔ The long investigation has been finished and the propositions have been developed concerning improvement of the accountability and data processing system in the sphere of opioid rotation for providing an access to proper pain management of palliative patients.
✔ Actualization of the topics of budget funding of the policies analysis and participation of independent centres in conducting investigations on a competitive basis.
✔ Monitoring of energy service purchases, road mending and pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.
✔ The team of coaches in consulting has been formed. About 10 training courses for NGOs that work in the Poltava and Sumy Regions and also patients’ communities, ex-convicts and MSM concerning budget advocacy, project management, the media, informational design, analytical investigations and budget expenses monitoring have been carried out.

Innovations implemented:

✔Formation and participation in CSO coalitions at the national and regional levels.