New knowledge allows reaching new goals for the development of youth in Vinnytsia region

"Our activity was a challenge for those who claimed that the sole and main task of students is to study and just study, thus limiting our right to develop all our potential." This is how a founder of the Fraternity of Vinnytsia region Olexander Strusevich begins the story.

The youth organization “Fraternity of Vinnytsia region” was founded in 2015 on the basis of Vinnytsia Medical University.

Using their own resources, students realized outreach projects, charity events and even created a platform for animal shelters "". This website allows searching animals online. In such a way, people will be able to find themselves a home pet without leaving a home, thereby giving it a chance for a happy life. "However, we lacked knowledge to form a movement vector," Olexander Strusevich notes.

The situation has changed after cooperation with VRHRO (Vinnytsia Regional Human Rights Organization) "Spring of Hope". After organizational development training, we organized engineering competitions together with students of the technical university, applied for a grant for the first time and won it. An incredible impetus inflamed the organization in a new way. Project activity has almost doubled. We received our first fundraising training, which resulted in a new direction in the organization.

The number of members of our organization is growing more actively than we could imagine!

We joined the Union of Leading Public Organizations of Vinnytsia region "CITY OF CONTENTS". Such steps will help us to implement new city-level projects, cooperate with leading local community organizations. We want to create projects that will help us to grow and develop our hometown!