NGO “Agency for Economic Development”

Key activities:

1. Monitoring and public expert examination of the central and local authorities’ activity and working out the recommendations for improvement of their work efficiency.
2. Involving the community in decision-making processes and policy formation in socially important spheres of the citizens’ life.
3. Human rights protection and representation of the citizens’ interests to implement system changes directed to improve the standards of living.
4. Consulting and conducting informational and educational events for the population.
5. Carrying out analytical investigations on the questions connected with the problems and trends of social and economic development.
6. Networking, experience exchange and various forms of cooperation with other local and all- Ukrainian civil groups, international and foreign NGOs in the field of social development investigations, solving problems of democratization and protection of the citizens’ political rights and freedom.
7. Networking, coalitions working, partnership.


✔ “Civil Society for Enhanced Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine” (UNDP in Ukraine)
✔ Improvement of the quality of healthcare provision through implementation of medical information systems in healthcare institutions of Voznesensk (“Cities of Ukraine Association” All-Ukrainian local authorities association)
✔ Development of consulting standards in the sphere of strategic planning (“Initiative centre for promotion of activity and community initiative development “Solidarity” NGO)
✔ Urbanlad_voz (КОLО)
✔ Reforms road-maps for the communities of the Mykholayv Region (PACT Inc)
✔ Community control on the quality of road mending is guarantee of transparency and integrity (UNDP)

Analytical reports:

✔ “Mykholayv City Council 2017 Publicity Index” Mykholayv City Council public dimension investigation report;
✔ Lviv City Council Budget Accountability Assessment Report;
✔ Mykholayv City Council Budget Accountability Assessment Report;
✔ Buzka UTC Budget Accountability Assessment Report;
✔ Mostivska UTC Budget Accountability Assessment Report;
✔ Domanivska UTC Budget Accountability Assessment Report;
✔ Oleksandrivska UTC Budget Accountability Assessment Report;
✔ Prybuzhanivska UTC Budget Accountability Assessment Report;
✔ Voznesensk Town Council Open Source Data Audit Report.


✔ The series of training “Life without Rubbish” (Voznesensk, Pervomaysk, Domanivka)
✔ Alternative Energy Days (Voznesensk)
✔ 5 Educational modules and workshops for youth Urbanlab_Voznesensk
✔ Trainings for “Active Citizens” programme
✔ Trainings for representatives of the united territorial communities “Anti-Corruption mechanisms in UTCs”
✔ Trainings for representatives of the united territorial communities “Local Budgets Accountability”
✔ “Community Forum” for representatives of the local authorities and the civil society of the Mykholayv Region

Main achievements:

✔ During 2018, 8 anti-corruption tools, namely anti-corruption programmes, procedure for prevention and regulation of a conflict of interests in villages councils, regulations on consultations with the community, regulations on realization of subthreshold purchases through the ProZorro system have been implemented in 3 united territorial communities of the Mykholayv Region. The goal of the implementation of the anti-corruption tools is to minimize emergence of corruption risks in communities.
✔ The brochures “Budgets for citizens” have been elaborated in cooperation with 5 village councils, namely, Domanivska, Mostivska, Buzka, Prybuzhanivska and Oleksandrivska. The purpose of such brochures is to present the information about the local budget (stages of formation, terminology, formation sources and expenses focuses, the projects realized) to the local inhabitants in a simple and understandable form. The teams of financial experts, accountants, deputies and youth worked on the original format of the brochures, their concept and design. One of the brochures elaborated was nominated for “The Best Budget for Citizens among United Territorial Communities”.
✔ The educational online service “Dobra Osvita” was put into effect in cooperation with Opora Civil Network. The service was elaborated due to the audit of Open Source Data of Voznesensk Town Council and its executive bodies in the field of education. Parents can see online the material and technical resources of the comprehensive schools of the town, their focus, completeness and teachers’ professionalism.