Key activities:

1. organization development;
2. carrying out educational activities;
3. support for civil, local and other initiatives;
4. strengthening of organizations’ institutional capacity;
5. networking, partnership;
6. human rights practices;
7. ecological activity.


✔ Organizing and holding the initiative citizens’ Festival “uCRAZYans” (PACT);
✔ Organizing and holding Docudays UA. International Travelling Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Zhytomyr;
✔ Informing the local population and the presentation of the initiative "Open Government Partnership" for 2018-2020 (UNDP);
✔ Organization development of CSO hubs (“Ednannia”);
✔ Small grants for studying English programme by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine (“English Access Microscholarship Program”);
✔ “Informational and educational work in communities to improve the awareness about dealing with waste”;
✔ “Civil society for development of democracy and human rights” in cooperation with Main Territorial Justice Administartion in the Zhytomyr Region (“I have a right” project) (UNDP);
✔ Senior Experten Service Programme.


✔ Organization and holding of the initiative citizens’ Festival “uCRAZYans”. Over 30 civil society institutions and more than 1000 visitors participated in the Festival;
✔ Organization and holding of Docudays UA. International Travelling Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Zhytomyr. 7 showings of documentaries with further discussions were conducted. Over 1000 people watched the films;
✔ Informing the local population and the presentation of the initiative “Open Government Partnership” for 201802020 (UNDP);
✔ 2nd Regional Debate Contest. 8 teams (32 participants) from Zhytomyr, Korostyshev and Yemilchyne took part in the event;
✔ 45 trainings concerning fundraising and overcoming professional burnout have been conducted together with the Zhytomyr Community Foundation in 20 regions of Ukraine;
✔ Meetings between the local police and the community have been organized within the framework of the “Polis” project (interaction between the police and the community).

Main achievements:

✔ The informational campaign and studies concerning dealing with waste have been carried out for 12 UTC of the Zhytomyr Region in cooperation with the Sustainable Economic Development Cluster GIZ. The communities are to work out and present their plans of waste management within the framework of the programme.
✔ Due to holding the Festival “uCRAZYans”, we managed to create the space for communication between CSOs that became the basic premise for good partner relations. The Festival was marked by 1 st Open Competition in Nordic Walking “Zhytomyr autumn Nordic Walking 2018”. 102 participants from Ukraine, Poland and Czech Republic aged from 6 to 92 took part in the competition. The event was registered in “The Ukrainian Book of Records” as 1 st competition in Nordic Walking in the regional centre with children’s’ participation.
✔ Having become a CSO hub in the Zhytomyr Region, we increased our institutional capacity with the aim to strengthen other NGOs.
✔ Within the framework of the Senior Experten Service programme, we involved over 10 experts in various fields for business in Ukraine.
✔ The tradition of the public reporting of civil society organizations in the Zhytomyr Region.
✔ In cooperation with the Zhytomyr Community Foundation, we involved over UAH 4 million in the form of professional equipment for business development in the region that provides employment opportunities.