uCRAZYans in Zhytomyr: grains of public activity, "Urban Garden and the record of Ukraine"

Over a thousand people attended uCRAZYans Festival, held on October 6 in Zhytomyr. During the day, over 30 non-governmental organizations, charitable foundations and community initiatives told festival visitors about their activities and new development opportunities in an interactive form.

uCRAZYans united not indifferent Zhytomyr citizens, whose projects and ideas aimed at improving life in society. During the day, relaxed, sincere and very comfortable atmosphere prevailed on the festival. Positive attitude, sunny weather, well-coordinated work of the participants and organizers promoted such atmosphere.

Yoga, Zumba, crazy-fitness helped participants and guests to refresh their energy balance and recharge with pleasant emotions.

During the festival, the participants sowed symbolic grains of public activity. They created a "seed bomb" and landed it in "uCRAZY-construction".

The festival was marked by the first open competitions "Zhytomyr Autumn with Nordic Walking 2018", attended by 102 participants aged from 6 to 92 years from Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Poland.

The event entered the register of "The Record Book of Ukraine" as the first competition for Nordic walking in the regional center with the participation of children.

In the area of non-governmental organizations, visitors met different zones of activities. There were master classes on eco-bags drawing, archery, manual and psychosomatic therapy, journalism, acting skills and video recording, pets show, movie quiz, interactive games "We are for the culture of speech", "Check your IQ level", "Interactive Wandering", "Pink Eyeglasses", "Magic Umbrella", dancing battles, as well as the creation of a seed bomb and landing it in "uCRAZY-construction".

Also, a lecture hall worked at the festival. The speakers brought up a variety of topics related to volunteering, legal awareness, personal effectiveness and motivation, development of critical thinking in the era of fake.

Performances of the ensemble of the dance center "Avante" and the group "Grain" added the unique atmosphere to the festival.

The organizer of the festival in Zhytomyr is the Youth NGO "Modern Format" in the framework of "Program on promoting social activity "Join!", funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Pact in Ukraine.

"The main purpose of the festival in Zhytomyr is to show the strong civil society that we have in the city. To show that we have diverse organizations, initiatives. If we want to change something in our society, community, we need to take responsibility and start with ourselves. Who else but we? ", - Zhanna Solovyova, organizer of the festival uCRAZYans noted.

At the end of the festival day, the organizers awarded the most active guests with prizes and gifts and called Zhytomyr citizens to be active. uCRAZYans Festival in Zhytomyr surpassed all expectations, representatives of non-governmental organizations are satisfied with the activity of Zhytomyr citizens; and visitors, in their turn, hope that the festival will have its continuation.